Wooden Greenhouse in Kenya

Wooden Greenhouse in Kenya  | In the past, greenhouses have been made from wooden materials like tree poles, frames, and timber. However, it is still an appropriate type of greenhouse for farmers starting from small capital. Wooden greenhouses save the cost of purchasing steel profiles for construction by making use of locally available timber.

Materials needed to build a greenhouse in Kenya

  • Wooden Structure (Vent type)
  • Polythene Cover (200 microns, UV Treated)
  • Insect Netting for Ventilation
  • Drip Kits ( Drip pipes with fittings)
  • Main Piping & Fittings
  • Tank Connection
  • Filtration Unit

How to buy Greenhouse by Aqua Hub Kenya

We simply encourage our clients to follow the following stages in order to acquire a greenhouse from Aqua Hub Kenya

Our Greenhouse technicians will visit the site and obtain the details before installations 

We usually charge KES. 3,000 for site visits in Kenya

The soil samples will be collected during the site visits. We also conduct soil testing at client’s cost of KES. 4,000 to ensure that the soil is pure before any installations

Once we are done. We furnish our clients with the relevant quotes and the materials needed for a complete choice of their greenhouses.

When the client approves the design and made the commitment fee of 80% . We get to the next phase of fabricating the greenhouse, this usually takes 4 days depending on the size of the greenhouse.

We begin our installations. Based on the quote, we normally source our manual labour from the area and our technicians will be present in the site up to completion of the project.

We hand over the project successfully to our client.

We shall train on few items such the how-to control the drip kits and in case of ventilation roll ups

In case of agronomical support, we engage the client at an extra charge

Wooden Greenhouse Prices in Kenya


Greenhouse SizeEstimated Crop PopulationCost of Construction
 ( 8 x 15 ) Meters450- 500165,000
 ( 8 x 24 ) Meters700-800180,000
 ( 8 x 30) Meters1000-1200240,000
 (8 x 45) Meters1500- 2000390,000

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Constructing a Wooden Greenhouse in Kenya

  •  Conducting research on the farm suitabilityThe farmer needs to first find out the soil properties and climatic conditions of where he/she intends to build a greenhouse. Soil fertility should be examined when deciding on crops to be grown and fertilizers to be used.
  • Identifying requirements for building the greenhouse-Check on the wooden structure ( Treated or the normal round poles can be used. Check on the greenhouse polythene cover and insect nettings ( Make sure the specs are the correct ones)
  •  Consulting technicians or greenhouse construction firms.-Approaching an effective dealer in Greenhouse construction after identifying all the requirements and cost. Aqua Hub Kenya LTD will provide you with the necessary equipment to set up your greenhouse at an affordable cost.

How profitable is greenhouse Farming in Kenya?

Greenhouse farming is a profitable venture. Vegetables prices vary per Kg. For instance, to produce capsicum per kg in a greenhouse is estimated at KES. 25/-. The market prices would be around KES.99/- per kg. When the farmer balances their books and the outcome is profits.


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They are strong and they can last up to 5 years depending o farm management practices.

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